NZ Series

This new range of cheeses is a testament to the excellence of cheeses made in New Zealand for New Zealanders who really appreciate the finer things in life.

The cheeses are all aged, made from peak season, high quality milk from the Mehrtens farm in Oxford.
While they are great eating cheeses, served on a cracker or bread with a fine wine, these cheeses make a superb addition to a fine meal. Add shavings or curls of Pumahana to a beef salad, for a complimentary pop of warmth in the mouth. Finely zest Totokau over a favourite pasta dish, for a more rounded full flavour than a parmesan might add. Serve Koputaputa with fruit to finish a meal, or to serve as a light lunch.

The three cheeses that make up this series are:

PUMAHANA (warmth) - A fine aged cheese imparting warmth and flavour to the mouth.
KOPUTAPUTA (full of holes) -  A full bodied flavour from a fine aged cheese, with both sweet and nutty notes.
TOTOKAU (unadorned) - This cheese has developed intense and complex flavours which linger in the mouth.

All the NZ Series cheeses are sold as a vacuum packed portion 200g +/ 30g

PUMAHANA won gold and the Best NZ Original Cheese at this year's Cheese Awards.


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