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… Karikaas Cheese, the cheese for cheese lovers

The Karikaas range includes a selection of Dutch style cheeses made in a traditional manner and sold in a range of age categories from young to vintage; and European style fresh products; yoghurt, kwark, cultured buttermilk, cultured unsalted butter, and feta.

In March 1984 Karin and Rients Rypma moved to New Zealand from the Netherlands and established a small factory in Loburn, North Canterbury, because the water was so clean and uncontaminated. (And we are still here.)  The name Karikaas comes from Karin and Rients, and kaas is the Dutch word for cheese.

Karikaas being Dutch can be difficult to pronounce so it gets called Karikass, Karakass, Karacis Karakiss. Whatever -  we don't mind, we know who you mean! Just look for the milkmaid logo and the black and orange colours!

Two families bought Karikaas from Karin and Rients in January 2004. They are the Lamers and the Hawkins families. Diana and Alan have raised their family on the Loburn premises, where Diana is general manager.

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In the early years the local town supply Milk Company in Christchurch supplied milk. In the late 80’s Karin and Rients formed a relationship with a local dairy farmer to supply milk directly to Karikaas, and today we still use a sole supplier to ensure quality standards are maintained.  The result: an award-winning range of boutique dairy products reflecting a blend of the natural rural surroundings with a unique European flavour.

It has taken time, effort and commitment to supply an authentic range of products to an increasingly health-conscious market. That is - products free of preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers and colourings. Karikaas managed to do just that by refining recipes, and sourcing the best ingredients in a way that exalts cheese and dairy food production in New Zealand. 

We are proud of the quality of our products and the fact that our ecological foot-print is as low as is reasonably possible in today’s legislative environment.

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Shop hours: Monday to Wednesday 11.00am - 3.00pm, closed weekends and public holidays.


156 Whiterock Road, Loburn
Rangiora, RD 2  7472
North Canterbury
Tel + 64 3 312 8708
E-mail: info@karikaas.co.nz
Shop hours: Monday - Wednesday
11.00am - 3 pm
Closed Public holidays