Braid Series

Braid Series

The BRaid range is a result of a new commitment by Karikaas to our local community and environment. Karikaas is located in North Canterbury near the banks of the Ashley river. The Ashley (Rakahuri) river is one of Canterbury’s braided rivers, a nesting habitat for a number of NZ’s endangered birds.
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Learn about the Ashley - Rakahuri Rivercare Group. What they do and the birds they monitor and protect?  Some fabulous aerial views or our lovely braided river.  Link - https://vimeo.com/302369538 
Link to Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare  - www.arrg.org.nz

At Karikaas, our community and environment are important to us. So we have partnered with the Ashley Rakahuri River Care group, (a member of BRaid) to raise awareness and ensure our stunning North Canterbury birds sustain themselves for future generations.

To complement our magnificent birds we have picked our best cheeses, packaged them in small cartons, and devoted the carton to the promotion of the featured bird: where they are found, their threats, and endangered status, a description, pictures of the birds and their eggs.  
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Every purchase of one of the BRaid Series Cheeses results in a portion of the proceeds going to the Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare Group.

While the Ashley-Rakahuri Rivercare group is our local, to find your local rivercare group, click on the link to BRaid to find your nearest rivercare group.                                                                              

Braid logo-261 Link - https://braidedrivers.org/ 




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