Vintage Cheese 5+ Years

Aging cheese
Premium Cheese can age very well for a long time - but it is not for everyone. Here you can see how the same cheese ages. The palest on the right is a young gouda about 3 months old. The middle gouda is our regular vintage about 2 and a half years old. The Gouda on the left is just over 5 years.

This is the same cheese type, but as cheese ages the flavours and aromas change. So too does the colour and structure.

For those who like a strong beautifully aged gouda with a deep caramelisation, complex flavour and rich aroma try our 5+ year Vintages. We have 2 on offer. A Vintage Cumin, and a Vintage Gouda.

For those who have visited our shop they will know that these premium cheeses are available. For the first time we are making them available on the website.
Vintage Gouda 5+ years
Vintage Cumin 5+ years


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