Karikaas Fresh Dairy Products

… Karikaas fresh dairy products, European style and quality.

Karikaas, specializes in the production European style natural yoghurts, cultured buttermilk and kwark. One of the distinctive features of our fresh products is that they are natural – no colours, no preservatives and no stabilisers. All our fresh products are cultured in a traditional manner from old European recipes. The buttermilk and kwark are very traditional in The Netherlands and Germany particularly. In New Zealand we have a very loyal customer base among those from continental Europe as no other supermarket products meet their exacting standards.
Karikaas buttermilk is a fermented, churned product and is quite different to the other brand of buttermilk available in most New Zealand supermarkets. In addition to the typical kiwi use of buttermilk, baking with it, Europeans will also drink buttermilk either on its own or flavoured. Butter is a companion product. When you churn the buttermilk, you get fresh, cultured, unsalted butter. Karikaas butter is sweet and creamy, with a divine flavour, and excellent cooking and baking properties.

Karikaas kwark is a fresh cheese with an acidic tang. It is a low fat product. In cooking it behaves much like a fresh ricotta, but with the tang of lemon juice, and is often used in tarts and pies. It can also be used as a cheese spread, like cottage cheese or in place of butter in a salad sandwich. 
All our yoghurts contain L. acidophilus, L. bifidus and a special culture, supreme BOD Bacillus laterosporus. The yoghurt range most commonly available in south island supermarkets is the 1 kg supreme range, marketed in a one-litre bottle. 


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