Karikaas Cheese

Karikaas Cheese

… Karikaas Cheese, the cheese for cheese lovers.

Karikaas cheeses are all hand-made using traditional European methods. They are lovingly handcrafted, by cheese-makers who know their business and who are proud of their traditions and skill.

The Dutch cheeses are coated and turned regularly while maturing for between two months and many years in the cheese store. White pine boards are used in the cheese store, combining New Zealand character, and the known benefits of using natural wood.

The Vegetarian cheeses we make are Feta, Vegetarian Cumin, and finally the fresh cheese Kwark. This is a low fat unsalted fresh cheese great for spreading on sandwiches, combining into a baked cheesecake or pannacotta, or eating with fresh fruit and nuts for a nutritious breakfast.

Vintage Gouda 5+ years
Vintage Cumin 5+ years


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North Canterbury
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